January 4, 2011


For the purpose of this post I have created the word "resolutioner." A "resolutioner" is someone who on January 1 resolves to "lose weight" {they usually make this resolution every year}, hits the gym for a brief period of time and then will not step a foot inside until the following January.*

My delicious breakfast

I'm not much of a New Year's Resolution kind of person, as evident by my breakfast this morning. I typically hate the "resolutioners" that make going to the gym more stressful.* I mostly take classes, they challenge me in a way that I just wouldn't challenge myself, and a lot of them are really fun. Seriously, REALLY FUN. Well, the "resolutioners" come in and fill up all the available spaces making it necessary to get to the gym at least 30 minutes before the start of class to reserve your spot by getting a pass. I mean, come on, the gym takes new members all year long, not just in January. It's just a bit annoying that "resolutioners" do it all at once. In the past this has irked me to no end.* This year though I will look at the extra 30 minutes at the gym as an opportunity to hit the elliptical.  Which also means I will have the opportunity to:
- Burn more calories {helping to drop that holiday weight}
- Warm up {increasing my workout intensity in the class}
- Listen to new music I've recently downloaded {that's just fun}

*Just to clarify...   I think it's great when someone sets a goal to live a more healthy and active lifestyle, and even better when they stick to it. I just find that, for many {myself included}, it's a constant struggle and therefore it should be a continuous goal. 

I just thought of another reason why I should be grateful for "resolutioners." They come in, pay, continue paying long after they stop coming, thus affordable gym membership for me!

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