January 6, 2011

Talk about lemons to lemonade

First let me say that if you've already seen this, sorry, please forgive me, it's new to me.

I just recently stumbled upon the blog SallyTV and she has the most amazing looking wall in her dining room, and an even more amazing story behind it. Back in February of last year Sally was in the process of choosing the colors to paint her dining room after a paint company had offered up some paint. Long story short, they flaked out, she said "f it" and came up with a new plan. A new plan that totally kicks the arse of a regular ol' painted wall. 

She had all these paint chips that she used to create an amazing wall in her dining room. Here it is before, during, during, and AFTER! I'm in love with this.

{Images from here, here, here, and here}

I've seen a lot of beautiful things created with paint chips, but this definitely takes the cake.

Now that's what I call turning lemons into lemonade.

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xoxo, dania said...

so beautiful and colorful!